Saturday Weight Lifting Party

6 Aug


Does that look heavy?
It was!
This load of lumber probably falls under the category of things that should have been delivered. When we made the list early this morning it didn’t seem like that big of a load but as I started putting the 12 foot 2x8s in the truck I realized I had 15 more to go, and then 16 16-footers and then 12 20-footers I quickly started to question my plan.
This was a serious amount of lumber and naturally once I made the one mile drive back home the lumber needed to be UNloaded! Luckily I had Corinne and my Dad waiting to help unload when I got there. It was actually a bit of an ordeal and we needed a little break after that.
This actually ate up a good part of the day but we finally got going on actually building and spent the rest of the day installing and leveling the third header. There was a lot of head scratching and measuring involved but we finally got it level and secured.
I don’t have any more pictures but we did do a time lapse recording with the new webcam so we’ll see how that came out and if the action looks like anything.

Another BIG thanks to my Dad for donating another full day to help us with the project 🙂


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