Weekend Plans

5 Aug

So we did take another easy evening on thursday. Corinne decided we would go to the beach for the sunset and some light reading, and it was a welcome relaxing evening.

Today I got a webcam to make our future time lapse videos a little “easier”. It is a wireless webcam that can even be viewed over the Internet or on an iPhone app, which is really cool and has some interesting possibilities for other uses such as an Ishi cam!

The camera is a DLink DCS-930L

It’s a cute little guy and hopefully I can figure out how to get the FTP upload going so it can save its own images to a server for future editing into a time lapse video.

This weekend we’re hoping to get the third header in and then get most of the joists done, if the weather holds up. Stand by this weekend for updates…


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    […] of new toys, in a previous post Jer wrote about our new webcam, the DLink DCS-930L. It’s pretty neat! We’ve made a few […]

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