Sheet Rockin’

4 Aug

I had a chance last night after work to do a little work on the new wall that was created by removing the door to the kitchen and adding a window. I started by installing a plastic vapor barrier over the insulation.


I then had to trim back the old Sheetrock to try to remove the part that was damaged from the old door trim, to try to get a clean edge to seam to the new Sheetrock. I then peeled back the old paint a bit so the surface wouldn’t be too high and uneven. Finally I was able to cut out a piece of Sheetrock and screw it in to cover the main area below the window.

After that it was time to apply the first coat of spackle. I used a nice wide blade an tried not to overdo it, as is my tendency.

I still have to patch up around the window and where the old outlet was but at least there’s no more big open wall!


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