Kitchen Window Wall

2 Aug

It was pretty stormy after work yesterday so we decided to do some work (mostly) inside. We really want to get the interior wall, where the new window was installed, finished so we can return to normalcy in the kitchen. In order to close up the wall though, we first need to finish the electrical for the outdoor outlet we are installing for the deck.
So, Sunday night, we went to the store and picked up an exterior electrical box to install the outlet. We had to be very careful to seal the hole we drilled with silicone to make sure there is no way for air or water to penetrate the wall. Once the wires were pulled though the box, we then surrounded the wire with silicone so that would be sealed tightly too.


Once we got the wiring finished I was able to install the insulation.

In the course of doing that, I jammed the stapler, so I got a crash course in disassembling the stapler in the process.
The next step will be putting up the plastic vapor barrier and then cutting out and installing the Sheetrock, followed by the dirty job of spackling and sanding. Not looking forward to that part of the project.


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