Bulbous Tube

1 Aug

During the hectic action of the concrete pour we missed something, and didn’t discover it until it was too late. One of our concrete tube forms shifted once the concrete was in it because there wasn’t enough back fill around it. Luckily we noticed while the concrete was still wet so we were able to straighten it out and back fill it with some gravel to hold it in place.
A second tube, however, suffered a bit of a shift that we missed until the concrete had already set up pretty good. This tube didn’t shift fully but it kind of blew out the side about a foot from the top, this effectively made the post anchor off-center in the concrete pier. You can kind of see if you look closely how the top part of the concrete looks like it shifted over a little.

Basically what happened is that the tube separate along the seam and the part above the seam shifted over an inch or two.
Our solution was to take a scrap piece of tube and make a form to add diameter to the pier, especially on the side that is a little too close to the edge of the anchor.

The concrete was not fully cured yet so it should be a good bond between the original shifted pier and the additional concrete we added. We also added about an inch of height to the pier because it seemed that the shift also resulted in the concrete level settling a little bit so there was a bit more of the anchor exposed than we were comfortable with.


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