Concrete Day (continued)

31 Jul

We are still recuperating from our big day yesterday. A very early morning, coupled with hard work, high temperatures and not enough to drink have left us a little sore and lazy feeling today. Here’s a few more pictures of the action yesterday…


The day started with our neighbor telling us that some major tree work was going to be happening pretty much right where we were to be working, in fact, over our heads at times. We let the guys pull their truck in through our driveway to get a better angle on the giant tree. We were a little nervous this would screw up our progress, but we worked around each other pretty well and only had to stop a few times to allow some branches to drop safely. The crew was very professional and did a great job of cleaning the mess they created, but the noise did create a bit of a chaotic environment.


When my Dad arrived, we realized one of the holes was about 3 inches out of alignment with the other 3 in its row, so we needed to remove the tube, scrape away some dirt on one side and replace it in the correct position. When we removed the tube, however, we discovered a large (relative to the rest of our frog population) frog had made its way to the bottom of the hole. After a few attempts to retrieve him with sticks and shovels, my Dad practically dove in head first to perform the rescue by hand. Once he rescued the frog, it began hopping right back towards the hole, so my Dad relocated him about 40 feet away. We then continued with the task at hand.


My Dad is all smiles as he arrives with yet another load of concrete. Is that a PINK wheelbarrow? Why, yes, it is. Real men can confidently push around a pink wheelbarrow without fear of anyone questioning their masculinity!


You can see here how the concrete trailer tips back to dump concrete to the back so you can get to it. Don't be fooled though. It's not flowing right out the back. It's a pretty thick mix that requires lots of physical labor to get out. Here, Jimmy chips in for a while and helps Corinne fill a wheelbarrow.


In this picture my Dad pauses for a drink with Jaidyn, Jimmy's daughter, while Jimmy takes over on wheelbarrow duty for a few runs. When more frogs were found in another hole, though, he let my Dad maintain the title of "Official Frog Rescuer"!


Here's another view of the ready mix machine at the masonry yard. This machine mixes the water, sand and cement as needed and transfers it to the concrete trailer by conveyor belt. Very handy for jobs like this where it's a lot for mixing by the bag, but not enough to justify a full truck.

We’d really like to extend a huge thanks to my Dad and Jimmy for helping out, and to my Mom for stopping by with a great home made lunch to refuel us!


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