Big Concrete Day (updated)

30 Jul

It was a successful concrete day, tiring and sweaty, but we did it, with lots of help from my dad, and a little help from our friend Jimmy. We got up at the crack of dawn and worked our butts off to get done before the concrete yard closed, and earned ourselves a relaxing afternoon to recooperate.
More details to follow but for now here are a few pictures…

The ready mix concrete trailer is loaded at the masonry yard, about 5 minutes from our house.

Corinne and my Dad haul wheelbarrows full of concrete back and forth from the trailer to the tubes. Corinne would shovel the concrete into the wheelbarrow and my dad would bring it over to the hole, where I would shovel it into the tube. It took about 5 wheelbarrow loads to fill one tube so these guys were very busy!

This is the “jig” we constructed on site to help funnel the concrete into the tubes where the beam is already in place.


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