25 Jul

Sorry to disappoint, cupcake fans. This post actually is not about the world’s first cupcake bakery, Sprinkles, but rather, our new sprinkler!

In the midst of enjoying the daily warmth of the summer sun and lack of rain, I forgot about the need for some sort of water source to keep our half-acre lot looking green and healthy. Until Friday, when standing outside the house baking in the 100+ degree temps, I looked down and realized our lawn was baking too, and it was starting to turn brown!

Before heading home from work a little later in the day, I stopped by our local Ace Hardware and picked up an Ace-branded Impulse Sprinkler. It was only about $20 and did a great job! With several adjustable parts, we were able to control the water stream, targeting the areas we wanted to water, and not water – the driveway, the neighbors, the street…

Note: We are, of course, complying with City of Glen Cove guidelines, watering only on even-numbered days between the hours of 5AM-9AM and 4PM-12AM. 


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