“Delish” Kitchen Tip

21 Jul

As I walked by the TV at work today, Rachel Ray was on and there was a woman talking about how hand sanitizer is NOT a replacement for washing your hands. This caught my attention because I believe strongly that hand sanitizer is for germophobes, not people with dirty hands. Often times my hands will be dirty at work an someone will offer me hand sanitizer as if it would do anything besides move the dirt around and make my hands smell like chemicals. Which makes a nice segue to the real topic of this post.

The real reason I’m writing this is because I hate it when you use a sponge and then your hands smell like musty sponge. This happened yesterday, so when the woman on the show (who happened to be Colorado Health Inspector, Kristi Kelley) started talking about smelly sponges she really had my attention. Her tip was simple, and more convenient than throwing it in the dishwasher (which works, but we sometimes forget.) All she said to do is to throw the rinsed out damp sponge in the microwave on high for two minutes.


I was skeptical, but I just did it, and I am here to tell you it worked! I put in a rather stinky sponge and pulled out a nice fresh one! So pleased was I that I immediately wanted to spread the word! (and what better place than here?)

Here is the text from the Rachel Ray website…

“Kitchen Sponge: These can hang onto food particles and germs, but Kristi says, ‘You can salvage it!’ To sanitize, wash the sponge with water, remove food particles and place the damp sponge in the microwave on top of paper towels. Heat for two minutes on high.”

I will add that she  also said to make sure it’s wet enough so that it doesn’t dry out, and start smoking if it gets dry.


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