Window Time

17 Jul

We were finally able to install our window where the kitchen door used to be yesterday. A few issues, like the electrical and rotted structure definitely set us back a couple weeks, but finally, there’s no longer plywood and cardboard blocking our view!

Once we sorted out the electrical, we were finally able to insulate the wall. We retrofit a vapor barrier by using flexible caulking to apply 4 mil. plastic sheeting on the inside of the drywall, and sealed to the inside of the studs so no drafts can get through. Next, we installed itchy, pink fiberglass insulation in the voids for an R value of 13. This again was sort of done backwards because we were doing it from the outside.

Then we were able to sheet the wall with plywood. We measured and cut out the window opening before putting it up to try to minimize the mess inside.

After that, we installed the Tyvek on the sheeting. (I like this stuff!) We had kept a little extra on the left side when we did the sliding door, so were able to overlap them both and use the special Tyvek tape to seal them together.

The Tyvek was applied right over the window opening. We then used the “inverted martini glass cut” to cut out the opening so that it can be wrapped around the inside edges of the window.
We used Corinne’s new Hershey martini glass for  reference 🙂

After the opening is wrapped around to the inside we get to apply the FlexWrap, which is a flexible sill flashing meant to work with the Tyvek to keep water out. It’s a great product but, while they say it is a little forgiving and repositionable, I think that’s only if it’s cold out, because when it’s 80 degrees, it sticks immediately.


We still have to level the window, secure it fully with caulking, and then put StraightFlash (FlexWrap’s non-bendy cousin) on the sides and top of the window for a complete water tight system. A lot goes into making a window water tight and draft free. We’ve learned a lot about it, and can’t wait to install some more new windows when we redo our master bedroom!


2 Responses to “Window Time”

  1. Donavan August 2, 2011 at 1:40 PM #

    Hey nice shirt.

    • Jerry August 2, 2011 at 1:55 PM #

      Haha, thanks!

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