12 Jul

I began framing out the rough opening for the new window yesterday. We were told they will likely want to inspect the header that was over the existing door, but we couldn’t imagine why; the door’s been there for over 50 years theoretically. It should be fine, right? Today when I began making clearance on the outside by removing the soffits I revealed the existing header…

It looks like it was 2, 2X6 boards but then chiseled out to make room for the door, so it’s almost down to the size of a 2X4, plus it had a big knot and a giant split in one of them so it really isn’t looking very strong. I don’t think it really has a lot of work to do, unless it snows a lot or someone is standing on the roof directly above, but I will most likely be replacing it with something that conforms to current building codes. I don’t THINK it will be too big of a deal, but then again, nothing does and it usually is!

Stand by for the full report…


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