Rotten Replacement

11 Jul

Before the ledger board for the deck goes on, the rotten wood needed to be replaced. We started it last week, and I finally finished it yesterday. We were able to support the wall from inside a bit to where we comfortable removing all the damaged stuff and replaced it with new pressure-treated wood. One snag I ran into was that the 2X8 boards we got were not exactly the same size. They needed to be 7 1/4″ so I ripped them down to a true 7 1/4″ with the Festool TS55, one of my favorite tools – Seen here at work cutting down the headers to size…

This is not your average circular saw. It’s made in Germany, and rides on a track so you can cut dead straight and cut just a sliver off if you needed to, which would be nearly impossible with a regular circular saw. It does require a bit more setup, but the results are impressive. It’s really more of a woodworking tool than a carpentry tool, but it works great for cutting sheet goods. It’s become such a cult favorite that Dewalt has finally developed their own copycat version.

Anyway, here’s a few pics of the newly replaced structure of the house including sill plate, rim joist, and bottom plate. Now we can do the rough opening for the new window and close up the wall, and, finally get that ledger board installed.





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