Summer Fridays

8 Jul

Nothing much today as far as progress is concerned… Very big work day, I was up at 4:30 and I just got home around 8 after dinner at Moe’s with a couple of guys from the shoot. Doesn’t leave much time for work on the deck. Even a Home Depot run seems like it would be pretty taxing.

Corinne is away for the weekend so it’s up to me to stay motivated on my own. I’d love to get the concrete in the footings, but I really need to do some serious measuring prior to that, and I don’t know if the ready mix cement place is open on Sunday. I also need to figure out exactly which anchors we’ll be using, and whether there will posts or just straight beam on pier, which requires a different bracket that I am having a tough time locating.

I will probably pick up the lumber for the headers tomorrow morning, but it may be mid-week before they get used. I need to focus on finishing the structural repair in the corner of the house and attaching the ledger boards. Maybe an electrical repair if I get around to it (or if it’s too rainy for the outside stuff).


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