Rotten day continued

5 Jul


In repairing the rotten wood we decided it would be best to remove the door to the kitchen so we could have full unencumbered access to the area.

We decided we’d try to salvage the storm door from this door for the dining room door, which is pretty old and doesn’t have a screen.

After we got the doors out we began to go to town on the rotten wood. We figured out what was holding up what and what we could safely remove without the house caving in, that was the hardest part really, just committing to doing it. It is very odd and a little unsettling to have a large chunk of your floor structure missing and being able to see clearly into and out of the basement through it.



The structure should be repaired fully after work, I hope, but I may need to focus on the electrical line I cut with the sawzall first!


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