What’s all the ruckus?!

1 Jul

Driving home from the gym last night I heard this weird sound as I turned onto our street. Fearing it may have been coming from my car, I turned down my stereo for a better listen.

It was not my car, but it was getting louder as I approached the house! As soon as I pulled into the driveway I realized what I was hearing – as you already do if you read yesterday’s post – jack hammering!!

I went around to the backyard and found this going on! Not surprisingly Jer didn’t hear me come in. Probably could have driven my car through the house, into the backyard & he wouldn’t have heard!


Took some convincing to get Jer to stop to avoid upsetting the neighbors at 8:00 (and I wanted to get to the beach for the 8:30 sunset), but we’re off for the next four days so there’s plenty of time for more hammering!

Actually getting ready to fire it up now! Gotta go find my earplugs!!


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