Open a window, we can’t breathe up here!

29 Jun


Alright, not this window, this is the window that we took out of the dining room. My big project today after work today was to remove all the window panes and dismantle the window frame. I also got a chance to make my own novelty hard hat, because I was getting a little jealous of Corinne’s.


Now to actually address the title of this post…
In removing our wall for the door we also needed to remove the soffit in that area because the top of the door would interfere with the soffit. We got a good look at one of the root causes of this…

Yes, we have peeling paint in our master bedroom (or currently our big room of boxes) due to poor ventilation in the attic. The soffits should be vented and so should the ridge of the roof be. Instead, where the roof line meets the soffits, insulation is jammed in tight, making it impossible for any air to get through, even if the soffits were vented, which they aren’t.

This house has vents on the end gables but they were covered up, probably because someone didn’t realize that the attic SHOULD be cold in the winter. The lack of ventilation can cause moisture to build up and that can cause paint to peel in the rooms below the attic. This is one of those things we need to address before next winter, we will be venting these soffits before we close them back up, and we’ll probably do the rest as we go around the house doing siding and widows.


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