Business as usual

28 Jun

You’d probably expect that we’d pick up right where we left off with the door install but, nope, today I mowed the lawn. Yes, it was a long enough day at work that it would be pretty late to be getting started again, and the lawn was getting pretty long too. Even though we’re in the middle of a big build the regular chores continue to demand attention. I think my hands could use the relief after two solid days swinging a hammer. I developed a couple decent blisters that could have become nasty with another consecutive hammer day.

As eager as we are to get this project done we are at the stage where it is most crucial to be precise and do things in the proper order using the proper technique. The waterproofing is the next thing to do and we want to ensure it’s done right so we don’t have a rotten door sill or mold in 3 years, or 30 years, for that matter.

This is something the previous owners missed out on when they poured a set of stairs directly OVER the exterior shingles and rim board, causing a bit of rot and I’m guessing termite nibblin’ and a pile of shingles that are embedded in concrete. Concrete and wood are not supposed to touch unless the wood is pressure treated, and even then it’s preferable to have some sort of moisture barrier.



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