Sliding Door Install – Part 2

27 Jun

It was a long day of work Sunday. We got the header installed with the window still in place so we wouldn’t have a giant hole to have to worry about cats getting out (or in).

Corinne holding up one of the two beams that make up the header.

One side of the king and jack studs holding up the completed header.

Another view of the outside with the wide open hole for the door frame. It was really incredible to see the room so wide open like that.

Takin’ it old school!
The instructions for the door are very clear that the sill sit on a level and true surface. When I put the new 6 foot level on it, I saw that it was relatively level overall, but there was a high spot near the middle where the rim board is two pieces that meet.

This was a point that really stopped us in our tracks for a little while. We talked about sanding it down, cutting out the subfloor and replacing it… I pondered that it would be great to have a hand planer to take down the middle…

Corinne said, “Don’t you have a hand plane?” and I said, “No, I meant a hand held power planer… Hmm I do have a couple, I guess it COULD work… Yeah, why don’t I go get them and try it out!” The ancient Stanley jack plane kicked this bump’s ass. After about a half hour and a bucket load of wood shavings we had a nice flat level surface.

Unfortunately, we ran into a few issues that slowed us down here and there so we didn’t attain our ultimate goal of having a functional door installed. I think we could have made it by day’s end, but there was a lot of hammering to be done and it didn’t seem like a good idea to be making that much noise on a Sunday night. We reached a point where we either had to go for the big finish or call it, so we called it, because we still had a good hour to go just to board up the big opening and clean up all the tools.

We made a valiant effort and worked our butts off and, while we ran into a few hiccups along the way, we’re pretty happy with the progress we made!

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