Sliding Door Install – Part 1

26 Jun

Day one of the sliding door install was a whirlwind. I made 3 trips to the lumber yard – Nassau Suffolk Lumber in Locust Valley. (The third trip was to pick up the credit card I left there. It was a mad dash because I missed the call, got the message at 11:59, and they close at noon! Luckily we live about one mile away.)

The first step was to build the temporary stud wall to support the ceiling and roof while we install the header. Then the demo started… The hard hats were sort of just for fun, but they really came in handy with all the stuff coming down and the low hanging chandelier.

Here we are mid-way through the demo. We are in the middle of pulling off the sheetrock and trim. Around this time, we realized it was critical to make the dining room a dust tent or the whole house would be a disaster.

By the end of the day, we had the old header from the window removed, which was a real pain. We also removed all the exterior shingles. We are all set to install the header in the morning. Hopefully we can get that in, take the temporary wall back down, and then sheet the exterior with plywood, install the tyvek housewrap, install the sill flashing, then finally install the door frame we assembled Friday night.


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