And we’re off!

25 Jun

Now that we have our building permit we decided to get right to work!
We want to get the sliding door installed first because the deck is going to be built based on the height of the door. So rather than measuring and hoping we’re right we figured it’s better to just do it and get the darn thing out of the garage already. Plus it will give Ishi a nice vantage point to watch all the progress on the deck. We kept it pretty low key since we didn’t get started ’til after 8pm. I knew the door frame would take a little figuring out to make sure it was done correctly and I didn’t want to spend half of Saturday doing that.

Here’s the before shot

We borrowed two 8 foot folding tables from work, cleared out the dining table and chairs and laid out all the parts on the tables.

Then we siliconed all the joints, screwed them together in the sequence dictated by the directions and TADA! an 8 foot wide door frame, what a monster!

Next up is to build a temporary wall to hold the roof up, demo the wall and install the header.


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