More Bushin’

21 Jun

I decided to do a little after-work bush cutting session yesterday. I’ve had my eye on the bushes on the West side (where the bedrooms are) of the house for a while now, and today their number was up. Armed with yet another fresh chainsaw blade on the chainsaw and a pair of loppers I went at it with fury (and safety goggles, of course). I know people keep wondering why we keep cutting down all these bushes and trees but if you see them up close it’s pretty clear that this house is really more over-grown than landscaped at this point. These bushes are right against the house and the perfect place for bugs to live and hide, and for leaves to collect, it’s not a pretty site, and not a situation that even the most skilled pruner would likely be compelled to bother with. Even though this isn’t usually what he’s talking about, I’ll take a quote from Mike Holmes and say “Gut it and start over new”.



This is what the poor LIPA meter reader has had to deal with

What is that, a Mangrove? Not Pretty.

After. Not exactly pretty either but certainly a start, and now the LIPA guy doesn't have to bleed to read the meter.... a little stump pullin', some mulch, a couple Hostas or something, and we're good to go.







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