20 Jun

This is the follow-up to yesterday’s post about felling the tree next to the garage.

Yes, it seemed like we had it licked and simply needed to dispose of the brush and maybe split a couple logs, oh, and maybe deal with the little stump that was left in the ground. Well, like I said we were done cutting down the tree by noon, and we were all done with lunch by around 1:30. We worked straight through ’til about 5:30 before I literally (yes literally literally) thought I would go into heat exhaustion if I went any further. I also realized that even if I didn’t have a medical issue I could at the very least be in danger of injuring one of us because I was so physically tired. I had a pretty strong headache, and even though I had been drinking water regularly, I stilled downed about 3 tall glasses of water and put an ice pack on my head to cool down. Sweat had been actually making my eyes sting at points, so that’s where the water was going. A good luke warm shower and a little more water and finally a Session Lager and I was feeling better.

Pulling a stump is a real pain the ass, and the pictures below will document some of what we went through, but by no means portray the difficulty and agony of dulling one chainsaw blade after the next, nearly breaking an axe handle, and shoveling a lot of very compacted dirt.

Cutting away at one of the big roots with the chainsaw... slowly

Maybe a big strap will help...

Especially if it's hooked up to a big truck in 4Low

Nope, only Jerry-Power can get it out! (OK, maybe this after another hour or so of cutting and digging)

The hole we were left with after the stump was finally pulled out. There are still a number of significant roots to deal with, but that's for a cooler day


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