19 Jun


We’ve been talking about it for a while, but it finally happened yesterday; we cut down the blue spruce on the side of the house. Our friend and co-worker had kindly offered his services and the use of the Stihl “FARMBOSS” to fell the tree and we had been hoping to squeeze it in one day after work if we got done early. It was not to be so I got a call at 10:00am on Saturday from Derek saying something akin to “You wanna cut this bitch down or what?”. Less than 2 hours later the thing was reduced to a neat stack of brush and logs…he’s that good.

Limbing some of the branches so we can get the ladder higher up to tie off the control strap

Strap tied off and ready to guide the tree in the right direction. This is only a backup really, the expert cutting of the notch and felling cut is what really creates a "hinge" which determines the angle of the fall. The strap was just there to help it along and make sure it went where we planned in case a little wind kicked up or something.

And it's down, exactly where we planned!

Limbing the branches off that aren't supporting the weight of the tree

Limbing the branches on the bottom and bucking off logs as he goes as to not have the limbs under heavy tension, which can be very dangerous. This is where the experience really comes into play

The FARMBOSS needs regular maintenance and plenty of bar and chain oil to keep in peak tree-cutting performance

We’d really like to thank Derek for his dutiful service, and while we did provide him with a couple of burgers off the BBQ and couple Coronies (as he calls them) we owe him a sincere debt of gratitude. It was actually a fun project and I really learned how much I DIDN’T know about cutting trees. Plus we really gave the neighbors something to talk about!

All that’s left to do now is get rid of the stump, should be a cinch, right? — stay tuned!–

2 Responses to “Timber!”

  1. Robert Derek Murphy June 21, 2011 at 11:06 PM #

    That’s the way we get things done!!!


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    […] side of the house, maybe even the berry tree by the deck, although I might solicit the services of Derek and his Stihl Farm Boss again if we decide to go for that. Share […]

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