Shut the front door (Part 1)

18 Jun

This is part one of a two part series on our front door rehab project. We didn’t want to go nuts on the front door because we don’t know yet what our ultimate plan is for the front entry. We spent a little time here and there fixing it up because it was kind of a dink door so it needed a little TLC.
The first part of the door treatment was to install new locks and door knobs just like the rest of the doors. The lock was pretty simple, I just had to drill a couple holes and chisel out for the strikes. The doorknob however, was a different story. For some reason the knob was like 8 inches in off the edge of the door. In order for the door knob to be in a normal and sane position it should be located on the same vertical centerline as the lock. This meant I would have to drill a new hole just like the lock but, more importantly, I would need to fill in the original hole. I decided to use the plug that the hole saw left from drilling out the new hole and then fill the remaining space and feather in the surface with autobody filler (bondo). The bondo dries very quickly and is able to be sanded in about 15 minutes. A few skim coats and fine sanding and the whole surface was blended smooth, ready for the handle to be installed and await a future painting session.







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