Fume Hood

17 Jun

Our old house in Sea Cliff had an oven hood that was not externally vented; it only recirculated the air through a mesh filter, which did very little to quell the stink. If we were to ever cook something on the George Forman or, god forbid, fry something, the house would become “Meat House”, as we dubbed it, for a few days following.
We were quite excited when we saw that our new house had a nice vent hood with 2 speeds and 4 halogen lamps, but most importantly, externally vented!

Now that we have a functional vent hood we are able to fry and meat our brains out with very little consequence. It’s not a commercial, suck-your-bacon-off-the-pan super hood but it does a pretty decent job. We had an extensive fry session on Sunday and the house was pretty fresh smelling by the time our guests arrived.

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