Bug Lights

13 Jun

So, in keeping with the theme from yesterday, I’m going to review a bug light we recently purchased for outside the front door. There is a light fixture right next to the door, and we put a timer on it so it wouldn’t be dark when we got home.

Of course as soon as Spring came along the bugs began swarming outside the door to greet us every time we came home. And where there are bugs, there tends to be spiders so there are always nice webs waiting for us too! Now, I’ve been known to unscrew light bulbs at motels to keep the bugs away from the door, but of course, it would be a little crazy to have a completely dark entry to our house, so we decided to try a bug light bulb.


When we were shopping for bug lights, we decided we’d try out a CFL bulb to try to be a little more efficient since it goes on from around sundown to 2AM. Of course the CFL was two or three times as much as a normal one, but it seemed like a good idea.

We were pretty excited about our new light bulb, but we weren’t the only ones… Insects of all kinds came from miles away to check it out, in fact, they liked it so much they decided to stay!

We’ll be returning that lightbulb, obviously, and we got a non-CFL version to replace it. I doubt it will be much more effective, but at least it was less expensive.


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