5 Jun

“Hot Tub Transport Unit”

Below is a picture of the Hot Tub Transport Unit, which is really just my racecar trailer with a wooden framework built to provide a level platform for our new (used) hot tub. The hot tub is bigger than the distance inside the fenders so this was necessary for it to fit safely on the trailer.

We gathered up a small crew of able bodied Dinks including our friends Jimmy and Derek, my brother Tim, and myself. There was much groaning and grunting, heaving and hoing but we finally were able to get the tub onto its side on furniture dollies, down a couple steps, down a walkway, across a lawn and finally onto the trailer.


The only real casualty was some of the plywood we were using to protect the lawn. The next step will likely be to get the tub off the trailer onto its side so I can perform some repairs on the wooden structure and replace the 2 PVC pipes that were cracked from freezing.


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