4 Jun

Today we decided to cut down some of the many extraneous bushes in the yard. We really only got to the ones surrounding the driveway, there really are lots of them. We intend to expand the driveway to the left side of the garage to enable one car to get out without moving the other. We have had enough of the “Car Olympics”, as we call it so we made the first step by cutting down these little bushes, they were really starting to encroach on the driveway. We went at it with a chainsaw, a shovel, even an axe. We made enough room that there’s even room for the trailer to get in there in a pinch. This space is also going to be needed for some of the equipment and materials that will be coming in for the deck. We still need to tackle the back yard around the deck area and the side of the house where it’s really overgrown. Maybe Sunday…





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