Garden Surprise!

2 Jun

The other day I went out back to take a picture of our first lovely rose that bloomed (see above), and noticed something pink lying on the ground on the far right side of our property, near a bunch of weeds. I went over to discover two peonies lying on the ground! They were attached to a random stalk that had popped out of the ground! Peonies are one of my favorites and I plan to one day plant a nice bush of them, so I was thrilled to find these guys back there (and a little sad I didn’t spot them sooner.)

We’re getting quite a collection of weeds growing out back, but every time I go tell Jer to hit them with the weed whacker, I find something else growing. Today I think I discovered a bunch of Knock-Out roses, which I also had plans to plant at some point! (pics coming soon!)

I cut the peonies and the first rose (there are many more blooming right now!!) and had a nice mini-bouquet for the kitchen. I had wanted to cut some of our tulips to display, but they were pretty much obliterated by a big storm before I got the chance.


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