Cappin’ the pipes.

1 Jun

In order to install our new giant size sliding door we need to remove one of the heat registers in the wall it is being installed in. I did some work in the basement today to make that possible. Luckily it is a pretty simple task as far as plumbing is concerned. (I’m a far better plumber than mason, BTW) There is one main copper line that goes around the house and all the heat registers branch off that separately with two T fittings, one being a supply, and one a return farther down the line. All I needed to do was cut the 1/2 copper line that comes off the T (leaving the T in place) and solder a cap on each of them.

The return feed in its original state

The cut line (don’t forget to turn off the water!)

The cap all soldered on (didn’t even scorch the floor joist)


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