I ain’t THAT Italian!

26 May

So, being that our deck will be directly outside one of our basement windows and having seen basement windows under a deck and how gross they are I decided to brick up the window. I consulted with a mason and he basically brushed me off and said it was easy, like too small of a job to bother with. In all I read online it seems pretty cut and dry, an hour or so. Well, I think I spent about 2 hours just shopping for materials. Which were a compromise because I couldn’t get the exact block size I wanted. I spent a good hour breaking out the old widow frame. (which was a good thing based on what I found when I demoed it. More on that later…maybe)
When I finally got around to the masonry portion of the project It really became obvious how thinned out my Italian blood had become. Mixing mortar did not come naturally to me, laying blocks and using a trowel did not come naturally to me. I got it done though, well, the inside portion at least, so far.





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