Oh dear…

17 May

Well friends, it doesn’t look like a John Deere will be in our future… As previously mentioned, in an attempt to make them more affordable to the masses (ourselves included) the quality has really been compromised.

Besides the fact that many of the parts that should be steel are now plastic, we’ve (well Jer) also read about not one, but TWO instances where a John Deere has caught fire! One guy said he walked away briefly, and came back to find his tractor in flames! Then, we saw a Craigslist ad where the seller mentioned that there was some fire damage to the seat and some other part. I forget what part, but nevertheless, that tractor had been on fire too!

Seems like the only way to get a quality John Deere would be to move up into the farm-owner’s tractor price range, and really neither our yard, nor our bank account, are big enough to justify that type of purchase.

Jer’s already found a couple of much better options on Craigslist, including an old-school looking Honda, that appears to be all steel. We would like to find an older model, whatever the brand, because that’s where the quality is, hence the saying, “They don’t make ’em like they used to…” They really don’t!


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