Oh Deere!

15 May

With all the spring that’s sprung around these parts, our very big lawn has very quickly gotten very out of control! We do have a lawn mower, but sadly, it no longer works. Jer spent many hours this week trying to get it running to tame our beast of a lawn, but to no avail (despite some help from our friendly landscaper neighbor… he said go buy a new one.)

So we’ve been weighing our options and exploring Craigslist trying to figure out what we want. We’ve decided, since we do have half an acre to deal with, that a ride on mower/tractor is our best option! (Plus it sounds really fun!)

I’m pushing for a John Deere because they’re cute! LOVE that green & yellow combo!! Fortunately, Jer’s way more practical/technically inclined when it comes to such purchases, so he’s been doing a lot of research on models and features. Apparently in efforts to make quality tractors, such as a John Deere, affordable to the Home Depot crowd, there’s been a lot of compromises in quality.. so he’s on top of all that business. We’re leaning towards some older models, pre-plastic parts era. We’ve come across a few on Craigslist, and may go check one out today! Fingers crossed that is looks something like this cute guy:


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