We’re still here!

9 May

Greetings Titus Road readers!!!

Apologies for our lack of posts recently, but there really hasn’t been any exciting news to report…

As previously mentioned, we’re getting ready to build a deck, and are currently (still) working with an architect to get proper plans drawn up to present to the city of Glen Cove for permitting purposes. Jer gave him our changes to the original plans, and we’re almost ready to fill out the permit application – god willing, that will happen this week. The whole process is really beyond slow, but hopefully we’ll be able to start building by or in June. Hopefully.

In other news, spring really has sprung in the “gardens” of Titus Road. We were treated to a multitude of colorful tulips in the backyard, and are currently enjoying a variety of blooming azaleas in both the front and backyard! My vegetable garden is still in its little pods inside, as I fear it won’t last long out back. We’ve discovered that in addition to all the flora growing wild back there, we also have a good amount of fauna – namely bunnies and squirrels, who I’m sure would love to gobble up some tasty veggies.. We’ve also had frequent visits by the neighbors’ cat, “Kitty”, and a  wide variety of birds (despite the cat) including robins and cardinals!

Saturday night, Jer and I, with the help of my sister Melinda, hosted our first sit-down dinner party! The three of us really cooked up a storm and created quite a mess, the likes of which I’m sure this kitchen has never seen before. The best part (actually the 2nd best part) was the fact that the three of us were working away and never really got in each other’s way! (aside from Melinda’s goat cheese assault on Jer)

The BEST part was that everything came out great! My mom, the guest of honor, really enjoyed the meal, deeming it better than going out to a restaurant – the greatest compliment a home cook can get!

So that’s a little update on what’s been going down on the home front…. I promise, there are some interesting posts coming regarding this deck build! Stay tuned!!!!

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