Party of Five

11 Apr

Friday night Jer and I hosted our first dinner party at the house! The guests of honor were his two brothers and sister-in-law.

Our guests arrived around 8 and we started the evening with some boccaccini, mixed olives, and a lovely bottle of Malbec. We then moved on to steamed clams and mussels.

While cleaning up between courses we gave our guests a tour of the house (it was their first visit!) and Jer had made a roaring fire to lounge by.

After the apps, we made pizza! Before our guests arrived, I pre-made the dough and sauce. All we had to do was roll it out, add the sauce & cheese, then toss it in the oven containing our pre-heated stone. Two minutes later, out came some pretty tasty pizza which we washed down with a few bottles of Session Lager!

Post dinner (which was served & eaten around our tiny kitchen island – a good note for future kitchen design), we continued the house tour in the basement. The old bar down there was quite a hit, as it tends to be, but we still plan to take it down in favor of a laundry room!

We then headed back to the living room and gathered around the fire, drinks in hand, and even lil Ishi made an appearance!

The night culminated with a cupcake dessert before our guests headed home. All in all, a lovely evening was had- great company, tasty food, and lots of laughs!

Looking forward to hosting many more friends and family in our home!!


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