Signs of Life!!!

2 Apr

Well I am blown away folks! My seeds are sprouting!!!!! No idea how, but they are! I’ve got zucchini & corn sprouting! Granted it’s only in 3 of the 36 cells so far, but it’s only been a week! So exciting!! Hopefully it will start getting warm out so I can plant these guys in the ground when they’re ready!

Check it out:



One Response to “Signs of Life!!!”

  1. Kimmy @Lighter and Local April 2, 2011 at 3:14 PM #

    It’s so much fun once they get going. The biggest issue I’ve always had with my seedlings is they get really leggy and not strong enough before I plant. We’ve been getting seedlings from a local farm for the past two years which has solved that problem, ha! 😉

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