Going once, going … SOLD!

15 Mar

That’s pretty much how fast our mortgage was sold to another bank! We did expect this, and it has no effect on us at all, but I was surprised at how fast it did happen. Our first mortgage payment isn’t even due until April 1st.

So now, instead of sending our first payment to Cole Taylor Bank (who we never heard of before anyway), our check will be going to Wells Fargo. Oddly enough, a Wells Fargo just took over a Wachovia bank in the next town.

Wonder how long it will be until they sell it?

Giddy up!

One Response to “Going once, going … SOLD!”

  1. Mary March 15, 2011 at 10:42 AM #

    We closed on October 29. We made our first payment January 1. Our loan was sold twice in that time period. Here’s hoping yours is sold again…I haven’t heard great things about dealing with Wells Fargo….

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