making up for lost ice

8 Mar

Now that almost all the snow on our property is melted, we found it necessary to take up the slack a little. Our fridge has been doing a pretty decent job, and we seem to be enjoying the counter-depth aspect of it; even though there’s a little less room there is less chance of stuff getting lost and forgotten deep in the back. The one drawback we noticed was that, while the ice maker does function, it was quite gross on the inside. The bucket portion of it had a pretty rusty auger, and a stamped-steel plate had become quite corroded. It took about a week of research but I finally was able to figure out the correct part number of the ice bucket and to find a replacement unit at ApplianceZone.

image property of

Initially I was going to just replace the rusty bits, but for about $40 more we were able to replace the entire thing and rest easy that it will not be contaminated with gross-ness. According to tracking info, it should be arriving tomorrow and we can start fighting the ice shortage.


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