The Final Test!

6 Mar

This is a bit of a crossover blog post. Kinda like when TV shows do crossover episodes and characters from two series join forces to solve a mystery.

On today’s episode of Titus Road, the big mystery was whether or not our stove’s oven was up to snuff. It already passed our homemade pizza test with flying colors, but there was still one more test before we deemed it to be up to our cooking/baking standards. The cupcake test.

So today (my bday!) was the day of the big final exam. And I’m happy to report, our stove also passed the cupcake test with flying colors! The cupcakes were moist, and I felt quite comfy baking in our new kitchen, which is probably about twice the size of our old one. You can read all about my birthday cupcakes at The Cupcake Files, my other blog dedicated solely to cupcakes!

I’m also happy to report that we successfully hosted my parents, my sister Melinda, and her BF Alex for a little post-birthday dinner present opening by the fire and my mom’s famous birthday cake!

All in all, a lovely end to a fun-filled first birthday weekend in our new home!




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