The Big Dig

17 Feb

As mentioned in the previous post, someone did us a “favor” by plowing the driveway each time it snowed this winter. Unfortunately their idea of plowing was to push the snow straight into the driveway and piling it in front of the garage. A one car wide driveway with a garage at the end is not easy to plow because plows push, they don’t pull. So they made this giant pile and it melted and froze and now it was a giant block of ice.

I could have gotten rid of it by hand but I need my back and arms for moving and I would be totally shot after chipping away and moving about 10 cubic yards of ice. So I had to bring in the reinforcements…

The guys I do some work snow plowing for have a couple bobcats so I asked if I could hire them to dig out the pile. They gave me a quote and I agreed to it but when I offered to pay they refused, they said “call it a housewarming gift” 🙂
They really saved my back today!


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