And so it begins!

17 Feb

We are officially homeowners!!!

The closing took what seemed like FOREVER! We did expect to sign a lot of papers, but still the amount was shocking. The pile was basically a ream of paper! THEN, after signing and signing and signing, there was the waiting! Took almost an hour before we heard back from the bank to confirm everything.

But many hours later it was official! We own our first house and now we can get started on making it our home!!!

Today is a pretty big day at the house. Lots of activity going on! I’m stuck at work, but Jer is over there now. And he’s already met a few neighbors too!!

Jer’s parents very generously sent us over their cleaning service today to spruce up the place before we move it. Actually “spruce up” does not accurately depict the amount of cleaning that needed to go down. One of the girls asked Jer how many years it has been since the house was cleaned! Needless to say we are EXTREMELY grateful for their help!!!

Water service is on, LIPA (electricity) is set, National Grid (gas service) should be coming by today, cable guy is coming for TV, internet, & phones.. Unfortunately, Verizon Fios isn’t available in our area, so we have to go back to Cablevision… Hopefully they’ve improved since we last used them.

We also have a bobcat coming today to remove the 8′ mound of ice (formerly snow) that’s blocking the garage. Granted it’s supposed to warm up this week, and rain. But unless the temps. hit 90 this week and boiling water falls from the sky, that pile won’t be going anywhere anytime soon!

I forgot that we have a 3-day weekend coming up, so we’ll be able to get a lot accomplished. Probably still not moving in until the 26th though.


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