16 Feb

It’s finally here! The day we close on our first home!!! This time tomorrow we will be homeowners, living the “American Dream” (or at least our version of it!)

AH….. It’s been a LONG road! Our offer on the house was accepted back around mid-November, and we’re about two weeks past our estimated closing date, but everything finally came together. We were even able to find new tenants for the house we currently rent, which is great because our lease technically went through August!

We actually started house hunting close to three years ago! We were going to breakfast one morning, and Jer asked if I wanted to go to an open house with him first. Totally random! We weren’t even living together yet! He was living in a small apt. in Huntington, and I was living with my sister in Astoria. That certainly got the ball rolling though.

We saw a bunch of houses back then, and eventually came across a rental in Sea Cliff. Since we weren’t living together yet, renting seemed like a better idea than diving head first into a mortgage! Plus we LOVED the house!! We loved it so much that we wanted to buy it from our landlord. Sadly, our landlord loves it too and has no plans to part with it. With our hopes dashed we decided it was time to start house hunting again.

So we went back to looking. We came across a place in Locust Valley we liked, but weren’t ready to make an offer. It was sold pretty soon after… Next we came across another house in Glen Head which we really liked! Not wanting to miss out again, we made an offer. Our offer was counter-offered, and we went back and forth on the price for over a month! Finally after not contacting the seller for about two weeks (I happened to be in Spain at the time) the seller came back with a great price, which we accepted!

“Glen Head?” you may say. “I thought your new place was in Glen Cove?” And you would be correct. Once we did the inspection of the house in Glen Head, purchasing it would NOT have been in our best interest. The house had serious structural problems, and it really just wasn’t worth the risk. It screamed of things that you’d see horror stories of on Holmes on Homes!

So we passed on the house & went back to looking… Shortly after we planned a Sunday with two open houses, and a meeting with an agent at a third. To make a long blog less long, the second house was Titus Road, in Glen Cove!

We decided we wanted to put in an offer, but wanted to see it again. Apparently, several other people were also interested in Titus after the open house, and already making offers! So the seller (who lives in North Carolina and is selling it on behalf of her deceased brother), decided she’d take all the offers, ours included, review them, and make a decision that day. A nice change from the counter-offer dance. We put in a respectable offer (without a second viewing) and ours was accepted!

Being wise to what may happen at the inspection, we weren’t jumping for joy yet. So we scheduled another pricey, yet well worth the money, inspection and fortunately the house had “good bones”. We did ask for a price reduction based on some findings of the inspection though. The sneaky seller’s agent tried to dissuade us from doing so, claiming there was another possible offer, but we stuck to our guns, got the price reduced, and signed the contract!

And thus began the Titus Road Blog!


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