Reality Setting In!

12 Feb

Last night Jer and I were taking part in one of our favorite Friday night activities.. Pizza making! We hadn’t done that in a few weeks, but there was a point recently where we were making pies on a weekly basis. We make everything but the cheese from scratch. It’s a great way to unwind after a long week, especially when accompanied by our favorite beer from the Pacific Northwest, Full Sail Session Lager.

The fantastic "fruit" of our labor!

So last night we were having a great time rolling out the dough, cooking the sauce, making a mess, when it hit me. This time next week we will be MOVING! There will be no leisurely pizza making and beer drinking… (ok, there will be no pizza making!) There’ll be tons of boxes and what I can only assume will be back-breaking & exhausting work!


After the initial shock wore off, the next emotion was excitement about finally getting into our new place!! Yes, it will certainly be hard work, but it will, of course, be totally worth it. When we moved to Sea Cliff, it was the middle of August and we sweat our butts off moving in here, but the last two and a half years have been so amazing we barely remember the grueling heat! (barely may be a strong word…) Maybe in a few years we’ll forget that we had to dig out the new house from record snowfalls before we were able to start bringing stuff in??

This weekend we’ll be loading up boxes (really!!) and preparing for the big move! And, tomorrow we’re doing a thorough walk-through of the house to make sure all is well and good. We’ll also be doing a brief walk-through before the closing Wednesday morning to make sure no mayhem has occurred between Sunday & then. The seller’s agent wasn’t into two walk-throughs, but our lawyer extraordinaire, Howard Kurtzberg, enlightened her on the specifics of our contract!


One Response to “Reality Setting In!”

  1. Melinda February 12, 2011 at 3:13 PM #

    That’s one great-lookin pie!

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