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3 Feb

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Yup. That’s all we have to report folks. We’re STILL waiting for a response from the PMI company, and we are BEYOND frustrated. The “it usually takes a day or two for a response” has now turned into a good week.. Mind you last week, when the PMI company was asking for more info. from us, we got it to them within hours!

So we’re sitting around waiting and harassing our mortgage guy daily about our status. He was 95% sure we’d get a response today, but it’s almost 1PM, so I’m thinking that’s not going to happen.

I had today marked in my calendar as our closing date, since Feb. 3 was our on or around date in our contract. Even had a little alarm set to go off…

Countdown Widget

Bah. So tomorrow the widget will begin counting days since our “closing day”. Hopefully it won’t be too many more….


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