To Infinity and Beyond!

7 Jan

Or so it seems….

We received a “Truth-in-Lending Disclosure Statement” in the mail, and naturally keeping in line with the numerous clerical errors we’ve encountered thus far, the listed house number of the new place is one off.

Typical. Then further down in the statement I come across another odd-sounding number. 01/01/41. No idea what the heck that was, just figured it was probably some sort of other misprint. Then it hit me.

I almost fell out of my chair when I realized it’s actually the year 2041! THIRTY YEARS from now! The date of our last mortgage payment! I’ll be preparing to turn a horrifying YOUTHFUL age of 62!!!!!!!!!!!! (a certain someone we know is about to turn 62!)

Gee, I sure do hope we get that second garage added by then so we have a place to park our flying cars!


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