Creative Writing for Real Estate 101…

20 Dec

“Roomy Ranch Situated On Sprawling & Spectacular Property!! Entry Foyer, Lr W/Fireplace, Dr, Updated Eik, Full Bath, 3 Bdrms With Tons Of Closets. Part Fin Basement With Bar, Utilities, Storage And Laundry. Covered Porch, Concrete Patio, Garage, Alarm, Great Moldings, Hardwood Floors. Great Location, Wonderful Park Like Private Property.”

That’s the description of our future home. Sounds lovely, no?? Doesn’t really sound like it might be a fixer-upper…

Well it is. And we’re totally fine with that! More than fine actually! We’re excited & have tons and tons of plans for the house. Plus, it’s great to not be paying for other people’s renovations, that definitely would not be our style or vision for the house.

But, let’s just say this is a rather creative description for a house that does need work! Also, calling it roomy is taking some liberties. It isn’t crazy small, but not quite what you’d expect roomy to look like. (or maybe that’s just me… perhaps I’ve seen too many episodes of House Hunters, where the buyers were looking in Texas.)

Anywho, I will give them the sprawling property part. It is a half acre, and in this area and our price range, that really is sprawling. That was a huge selling point for us. We’d never encountered a house with this much property. Can you call it spectacular? Not yet… But it does have potential!

So here’s the pictures from the listing. We’ll take and post a bunch of our own (for before & after purposes) once we get in!

Entry Foyer, Lr W/Fireplace


Dining Room


The “updated” EIK. I guess because the kitchen has been updated from the 1956 original kitchen, you could call it updated….


Full bath, which actually is in good shape. Kohler toilet & sink. I’ll post a pic later on to show you the shower head, because when we first saw it we didn’t even know what we were looking at! We thought it was makeshift plumbing. Turns out it’s some sort of shower head upgrade, with water jets on the side. Weird!

3 bedrooms with “tons” of closets….. 3 bedrooms, and each has a closet. But, compared to the 3 closets TOTAL in my old apartment in Astoria, I suppose it does have tons of closets! Sweet!!

“Part Fin Basement With Bar, Utilities, Storage And Laundry”. It’s an UNfinished basement, and there’s a reason the listing did not include pictures of said bar. Pics of the “bar” & basement to follow!!

Covered Porch – Yes

Concrete Patio – Yes

Garage – Yes

Alarm – Yes

Great Moldings – Yeah, they’re not bad… Great??

Hardwood Floors – YES! Personally, I’m surprised they didn’t put more emphasis on the floors because they are quite nice!

Great Location, Wonderful Park Like Private Property – Yup! Check out these backyard pics, makes me want to get a pooch!!!

So, that was the listing (more or less) that sparked our interest in initially seeing the house!

And, in keeping you abreast of our status, we submitted our mortgage application last week, so we’re “in the system”. Now, we’re waiting on our letter of commitment, which, in theory, is coming by the end of this week.


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