Blogging on the BlackBerry

15 Dec

Well I finally got WordPress working on my BB. I’m not nearly as excited as Jer was about its availability on the iphone… Took quite some doing and I had to delete a bunch of apps I had downloaded including my Staples “that was easy button”, Sit or Squat bathroom finder, and The Office “That’s what she said” app. Hopefully I’ll be able to get by without them…

Now, whilst on set I can tell you about our mortgage application signing last night.. Basically it’s a bunch of mumbo-jumbo (BB doesn’t believe that’s a word) with about a thousand places to sign. Seriously, one page had 4 things to sign.. Stuff like, yes we have money to buy a house, yes we plan to live in this house, no we’re not terrorists (hopefully that didn’t just get this blog flagged), etc., etc…

Jer still wants a signature stamp but our lawyer’s not into it.

In addition to all that signing, there were A LOT of corrections we had to make. We do have confidence in our mortgage dude, so we’re gonna assume he rushed to get us the documents ASAP, and is not completely insane.

The highlight of the corrections that needed to be made was the box that declared Jer to be a Native American/Pacific Islander. We also had to correct the box declaring us married, and our address which was listed incorrectly in almost as many places as our required signatures.

Nevertheless, we mustered through! And I may or may not have messed up the whole thing by signing in the wrong place a few times, but we shall see!

One Response to “Blogging on the BlackBerry”

  1. Howard Kurtzberg January 21, 2011 at 12:03 PM #

    Sorry about the signature stamp thing…but the bank won’t accept rubber stamps or rubber checks.

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